Beyond The Veil

This page gives a summary of the key characteristics of the books in the Beyond The Veil set.

The Lowlands Of Heaven

  • contains messages from George Vale Owen's mother and her helpers
  • describes her environment after death
  • describes the activities in which she has been involved
  • the different stages of spiritual development are discussed; in particular, the process of individuals becoming aware that they have 'passed over' (died) is described.
  • some references to George Vale Owen's own family are included
  • contains massages from Astriel - identified as being a headmaster from Warwick during the 18th century.

The Highlands Of Heaven

  • contains messages from Zabadiel
  • describes the spheres of heaven and the way in which it is possible to progress from the lower to higher spheres
  • indicates that it would not be possible for (living) mortals to understand the tenth sphere
  • Zabadiel reveals his frustration with the difficulty of communication
  • examples of how the process of scientific discovery repeats itself are given.

The Ministry Of Heaven

  • contains messages from Arnel, an inhabitant of Sphere Ten
  • describes the building of a temple in Sphere Five - to be used as a means for communicating between earth and the spirit world
  • describes a mission that Arnel and his helpers undertake to help a group of people who are - effectively - in Hell
  • Heaven is described as a place of service where the objective is to help those - both still on earth and in the lower spheres - who are in search of spiritual improvement.

The Battalions Of Heaven

  • contains further messages from Arnel
  • describes the ceremonies that take place in the higher spheres
  • presents a number of theological arguments - for example, what happens to stillborn babies when they die
  • discusses the significance of the Bible for Christians.