By George Vale Owen

Date Title Notes Availability (*)
Dec. 1889 Leaves from the Mental Tree Poems Second hand market
June 1920 The Lowlands of Heaven Beyond The Veil - part 1

New. Available here
Original can be viewed here

Sep. 1920 The Highlands of Heaven Beyond The Veil - part 2 New. Available from here
Apr. 1921 The Ministry of Heaven Beyond The Veil - part 3
New. Available from here
Apr. 1921 The Battalions of Heaven Beyond The Veil - part 4
New. Available from here
Dec. 1922 Facts and the Future Life Answers to questions Second hand market
Dec. 1923 The Outlands of Heaven Beyond The Veil - part 5 New. Available from here
Dec. 1924 Paul and Albert Story of retribution Second hand market
Dec. 1924 On Tour in USA Account of American tour Second hand market
Dec. 1924 What Happens after Death English lectures Second hand market
Dec. 1924 The Kingdom of God How heaven works Second hand market
Jun. 1926 How Spirits Communicate Methods of contact Second hand market
May 1927 The Priesthood of Laity Psychic faculty of people Second hand market
Oct. 1927 Problems which Perplex More questions answered Second hand market
Oct. 1928 Body, Soul and Spirit English lecture tour Second hand market
Oct. 1929 Jesus the Christ The great psychics of the Bible Second hand market

Books that refer to George Vale Owen

Date Title Author Notes Availability (*)
1992 When The Angel Says Write David A Owen The definitive work on the life of GVO Second hand market
1926 History of Spiritualism (Complete) Arthur Conan Doyle New
1998 Spirit Guides and Angel Guardians - Contact Your Invisible Helpers Richard Webster New
2011 Hope Street

Pamela Young

Includes a description of a meeting with David Owen. New / Google Bookstore
2008 The Man Who Created Sherlock Holmes - The Life And Times of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Andrew Lycett New
The Morrow of Death Amicus / Ernest H Peckham Forward by GVO Second hand market
A Voice from Heaven Frederick H. Haines Contains messages purporting to come from GVO after his death. Second hand market
2005 Arthur & George Julian Barnes Describes a spiritualist meeting at the Royal Albert Hall where GVO speaks. The meeting is also described in GVO's book, Body, Soul and Spirit.(Note that the 'George' in the title is not GVO.) New
1918 The Undiscovered Country Howard Bayley Contains contributions from a number of spiritualists including GVO. This book first brought GVO to the attention of Conan Doyle. Second hand market
1943 Many Mansions Hugh Dowding (Head of Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain) Contains passages from Beyond the Veil. Second hand market

As a minimum, all books may be available in the secondhand market. A search on Amazon can be particularly useful; failing that a more general search using Google may be fruitful. Another excellent site for secondhand books is www.albris.com

Books marked as 'New' may be bought via Amazon or - if indicated - another supplier. The books may be available as ebooks (for the Kindle or an equivalent device). In some cases, these books are in fact facsimiles of the original versions of the books.

Where possible, we have shown online sources for no-cost versions of either the complete books or excerpts from them.

The Greater World Association has in the past offered reprints of some of GVO's books - particularly the Beyond The Veil set.